Paul & Leigh

Paul started directing creepy and weird short films back in 2002 and playing around with more complex cameras on those productions led him into to delve more deeply into the world of photography and away from the 35mm point and shoots he’d had previously used. Now he is working equally with moving and still images and continues his pursuit of the unique and unusual in both mediums. Leigh is a lifestyle writer ( and stylist living in London who originally met Paul when she appeared in a couple of his early films. She is passionate about all artistic genres from flamenco to film, but her first love is fashion. Her style ethos is that you don't need big labels to look good, just creativity and confidence. She has long admired the photography of Gary Winogrand and Martin Parr, who capture the natural essence of their subjects in fleeting moments. Leigh and Paul decided it would be much more fun working as a team to snare and snap the natty dressers of London, hearing their stories and uncovering the secrets of their style.